The Eagle Super P cabinet secures and protects traffic management related electronic components from  all forms  of outdoor natural elements, including rain, sleet and snow. The Super P aluminum cabinet also includes a divided compartment to house a battery backup system, allowing for an uninterrupted power supply in the same enclosure, for ease of installation.


  • Special lock/keying combinations.
  • Special paint per customer requirements.

Size-Super-P-ELS1014Standard Door Specifications

  • Both  doors are provided with a three-point locking mechanism.
  • ¾” diameter stainless steel outward turning handles with provisions for padlocking on both the controller compartment and battery compartment doors.
  • Doors  are equipped with an industrial standard pin tumblerlock with #2 key.
  • Louvered inlets with filters to prevent dirt from entering with air flow.
  • Closed-cell neoprene door seal gaskets used with polyester film to prevent sticking.
  • Doors  are mounted with four (4) stainless steel hinges utilizing a non-removable ¼” diameter hinge pin for door support, carriage bolted in place for ease of door removal.
  • A 2” deep, fabricated switch compartment with a standard police lock  and a 18-gauge stainless steel continuous hinge with a 1/8”diameter hinge pin riveted in place on both doors. Compartments are mounted flush to the door.

 Standard Enclosure Specifications

  • Completely fabricated from  .125” thick  type 5052-H32, mill finished aluminum utilizing intermittently welded construction, weatherproofed with silicone sealant.
  • Internal attaching components include six (6) “C”  channels, (3) per side, and three (3) slotted rails on the rear wall in the controller compartment and six (6) “C”  channels, (2) per side and (2) on the rear wall in the battery backup compartment for attaching shelves and equipment panels.
  • The door openings are double flanged on the top, bottom and sides  to prevent water from  entering the cabinet. The openings also include a mount for two door-operated switches.
  • Thermo-convection air ventilation system utilized
  • with provisions for mounting fan for forced air cooling. Exhaust outlet openings are provided under the roof over-hang.
  • All internal and external hardware is fabricated from non-corrosive material.
  • Adjustable 3/8”  diameter stainless steel door stop can be latched in various positions.
  • Two (2) shelves in the controller compartment and three (3) shelves in the battery backup compartment are included.
  • Special fan panel in main compartment to catch dripping condensation and route it out exhaust outlet.
  • Flush-mounted compartment located on back wall to allow for installation of generator plug. Compartment utilizes a police lock  and includes a cord cutout so the compartment can be locked while  a generator is plugged in.

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