The Eagle model 332L cabinet assembly and auxiliary equipment meets CalTrans specifications per the 2009 TEES. The cabinet assembly measures 67“ high x 24“ wide and a depth of 30“.

The 332L cabinet assembly provides control for up to eight vehicle phases and four pedestrian phases, and six additional phases can be added using the optional auxiliary output file. Two doors enable access from either side to provide easy maintenance. All surfaces are bare, unpainted aluminum. Anodizing and/or painting is available per request. A police door with a Signal On/Off switch and a Flash/Auto switch is included with each cabinet. Each cabinet can also include options such as cabinet light(s), door alarm, detector test panel, red monitoring board and more.

332L-Wired-Cabinet1Standard Features

  • 36 detector channel capability.
  • 2 or 4 channel detector modules.
  • 2 R/R Preemption input (AC isolation).
  • 4 emergency vehicle inputs (input file slots 10 &11).
  • DC isolation inputs for pedestrian push buttons and special functions
  • High-efficiency, switching power supply. Programmable yellow/red or all red flash through the use of color-coded flash  plugs.
  • 2 dual circuit flasher positions. Solid state relay for flash  control. Pull out drawer/shelf.
  • Surge suppressor/ Line filter and 30A main circuit breaker mounted on service panel assembly (SPA) for incoming power.
  • Thermostatically controlled ventilation system with 100 CFM fan.


  • 67“H x 24“W x 30“D

 Standard Enclosure Specifications

  • Completely fabricated from 1/8” thick type 5032-H32  vinyl-coated, mill-finished aluminum utilizing continuously welded construction.
  • Door openings double flanged on all sides. Exhaust outlet openings provided under roof.
  • All internal and external  hardware utilizes non-corrosive material.
  • Automatic door  stop can be latched at 90° and 180° positions.
  • Furnished with internal E.I.A. 19” rack for mounting equipment.

 Common Optional Features

  • Auxiliary output file provides 6 additional switch positions  for overlaps, etc. Cabinet lights.
  • Detector and preempt test switch panel. Red monitoring kit.
  • Special configurations available on request. Manual control  cable located in police panel.

 Standard Door Specifications

  • Provided  with three-point locking mechanism with duplex  nylon rollers, top  and bottom.
  • ¾” diameter stainless steel inward-turning  handles with provisions for padlocking.
  • Main door  lock – industrial standard pin tumbler lock with #2 key.
  • Louvered inlet with filter to prevent dirt from entering with air flow.
  • Closed-cell neoprene door  seal  gasket. Stainless steel leave hinges  with .190″ diameter stainless steel hinge  pins.  Pin ends are  welded to the hinge  and ground smooth.  Hinge pins and bolts are  covered by the door  edge and not accessible when  the door is closed.
  • A fabricated switch compartment is included with a standard police lock and a stainless steel continuous hinge  with a 1/8” diameter hinge  pin carriage bolted in place.  Compartment mounted flush to the side wall.

 Ordering  Information

  • ELS3322L – Cabinet with rack
  • JBS2332LTCA01 – Terminal Facility – Caltrans Standard

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